These are collectors and compactors equipped with the latest technology, which the Aragonese company has developed entirely based on its own patents.

The Mayor of Zaragoza, Natalia Chueca, visited the Group’s headquarters at the PTR industrial park to learn about the manufacturing process of these equipment, which stand out for their energy efficiency and low noise emissions.

The Ferruz Industrial Group is finalizing the production of the new garbage trucks that will soon be in service in the city of Zaragoza. These trucks stand out for their high technological equipment, energy efficiency, and low noise emissions, thanks to their own hydraulics, electronics, and management program.

The Mayor of Zaragoza, Natalia Chueca, accompanied by the Minister of Environment and Mobility, Tatiana Gaudes, visited the facilities of the Aragonese company at the PTR industrial park. Accompanied by the President, José Luis Ferruz, the CEO, Luis Millán, and the Director of Operations of the aluminum semitrailers and urban solid waste collectors/compactors area, José Luis Martínez, the Mayor learned about the production process of the first 8 units that Ferruz will deliver to the waste collection service concessionaire in the city, FCC, next September.

These consist of 6 side-loading units with a capacity of 21 cubic meters, mounted on 3-axle Iveco compressed natural gas (CNG) chassis weighing 27 tons, and 2 units of 28 cubic meters installed on trucks with the same propulsion technology, but in this case with 4 axles and weighing 33 tons.

All of them are equipped with a versatile lifter, automatic covers on the hopper to prevent waste spillage, RFID readers, and automatic weighing, as well as a complex advanced proportional hydraulic system and software designed at the Zaragoza facilities to control the equipment with the highest safety standards.

The Ferruz Industrial Group dedicates a quarter of the surface area of its headquarters, which brings together the manufacturing of its different business units at the PTR, to assembling up to 6 trucks simultaneously, including a machining workshop, laser cutting, and a testing circuit with different containers.

According to José Luis Ferruz, “it is fantastic news for all of us at the Group to make available to the city of Zaragoza highly technological vehicles like the ones we are manufacturing, which will contribute to a more efficient, sustainable, and convenient garbage collection and treatment for the citizens.”

About Ferruz Industrial Group

The Ferruz Industrial Group is one of the most established and diversified industrial players in Spain. With sustained growth in production data and export sales over the past years, the company is already present in more than 40 countries, including markets across Europe, the United States, and as far away as South Korea or New Zealand. This strong commitment to internationalization, which has characterized the Group since its foundation, now results in 55% of its revenue in areas such as hydraulic cylinders and axles being generated outside Spain.

From Zaragoza, in a modern factory that houses all productive divisions, the Ferruz Industrial Group manufactures products for the entire world, under the premise that any industrialized area is a potential market.

The company, whose origins date back to 1954, is a leader in the production of hydraulic cylinders and components, track axles, and suspensions for agricultural and industrial machinery, as well as aluminium chassis and semitrailers, and side-loading garbage trucks and compactors for urban solid waste (USW). The group’s activity also includes the assembly of complete wheels for machinery and the distribution of major brands of agricultural, industrial, and truck tires.