The progressive incorporation of clean energy sources into our facilities and production processes has long been a priority in the Ferruz Industrial Group. With this, we manage to satisfy an increasing proportion of our energy demand with resources from renewable sources, progressing towards the decarbonisation of industrial activities and the intended climate neutrality that Europe hopes to achieve by 2050. 

This commitment has recently been endorsed by both the European Union and the Governments of Aragon and Spain, since the photovoltaic installation that we have in our production headquarters of the PTR industrial area of Zaragoza has received an aid of 40,791 euros from the incentive program linked to self-consumption and storage with renewable energy sources framed in the Recovery Plan,  Transformation and Resilience funded by the European Union through NextGenerationEU funds. The Official Gazette of Aragon has published the Order of the Department of Industry, Competitiveness and Business Development that reported the granting of this subsidy.

With a power of 243 kilowatts (kW), this installation, which has involved an investment of more than 163,164 euros, is capable of covering a third of all the electricity consumption of the industrial plant next to which it is located. Its benefits are already evident: in the year it has been operating, it has avoided the emission into the atmosphere of 113.6 tons of CO2 and is equivalent to a planting of 156 trees, data of which we are very proud.