The area of Pamplona, in Navarra and the Town Councils of Calatayud (Zaragoza) and Adra (Almería) have placed their trust in the lateral loading urban waste collectors (RSU) manufactured by the Ferruz Industrial Group, which will be present in the streets of these localities by being part of the proposals that have been awarded in the public tenders called for this purpose.

In the case of the Commonwealth of Pamplona, there are 6 waste collection and transport trucks, whose compactor boxes will be produced at the Grupo Industrial Ferruz headquarters in Zaragoza. Another 3 will work in the streets of Calatayud with the help of the Urbaser company and one more will do the same in the Almeria town of Adra.

The efficiency and versatility of the Ferruz teams has been decisive in their being finally chosen. Undoubtedly good news for the company and for the inhabitants of these environments, who will have state-of-the-art technology that will contribute to the preservation of the environment and sustainability.