The company, which has not interrupted its activity to supply basic sectors, maintains its growth strategy based on internationalization

Ferruz Industrial Group currently has all of its business lines fully functioning, aimed to consolidate its growth strategy based on the internalization and penetration in the domestic markets. Having kept for the past few days, marked by the most critical phase of the global fight against the coronavirus pandemic, an activity level that has allowed it to continue supplying products to basic sectors like agriculture or industry, the company has progressively incremented the production work and trade in all the hydraulic cylinders areas, agriculture axles and industrial, aluminum semi-trailers, urban solid waste side loaders, and agricultural tyres, industrial and for the truck.

In order to do it with the maximum security for all its employees, customers and suppliers, Ferruz Industrial Group has implemented, following the recommendations of health and labour  authorities, strict protocols to carry out daily work and its organization. The new facilities recently inaugurated last year in the PTR Industrial park of Zaragoza, with more than 40,000 sq. meters oriented to the production and great availability of space, undoubtedly contribute to garanteeing these security levels in the company, which is available to its customers through all the usual contact channels.