With a track record of over 60 years, Ferruz Industrial Group boasts a wealth of experience in meeting the needs of manufacturers and professionals in sectors as diverse as industry, transport and the environment. The different companies that make up Ferruz Industrial Group have the staff,

infrastructure and cutting-edge machinery to provide its products with the highest quality standards to meet the demands of the international marketplace. As a result of continuous Research and Development, its equipment and components enable machinery and vehicles to reach their maximum efficiency.


OLEOHIDRÁULICA FERRUZ - CILINDROS HIDRÁULICOS / HYDRAULIC CYLINDERS - Fabricación de todo tipo de cilindros hidráulicos en serie y a medida del cliente.

Fd7 AXLES & TYRES - EJES AGRÍCOLAS E INDUSTRIALES / RUEDAS Y NEUMÁTICOS - Fabricación de ejes y suspensiones. Distribución de neumáticos y ruedas. Comercialización de componentes ya accesorios